Post & Rail classic

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An authentic fence featuring semicircular posts made of Robinia wood (Acacia) and horizontal rails made of Chestnut or Robinia
Post & Rail classic
  • This beautiful fence provides your field or forest domain with an authentic, natural look.
  • The posts are made of Robinia wood, also known as Acacia wood. This is the hardest and most durable type of wood to grow in Europe.
  • The posts of the Post & Rail Classic are semicircular.
  • The rails are not screwed onto the posts but go right through them.This ensures optimal safety (no nails and screws) as well as firmness. So you can keep animals on both sides of the fence without any issues.
  • Thanks to the high density of the wood, it can be put in place untreated.
  • Without any maintenance, the minimum expected lifespan is no less than 20 years.
  • This fence is available in heights of 1.20 to 1.30 metres.
  • The distance between two posts is 2.85 metres.
Post & Rail classic
1m20 à 1m30 2 boards
Wire mesh on fences
We equip your wire with professionally stretched wire gauze. Because of the small meshes, you can also keep other animals next to horses (small livestock, poultry, ...) in the field. Another application is keeping your dog away from the field. Our wire gauze is available in different heights.
Wire mesh on fences
We place an electric wire on the fence. The electrical circuit protects both the fence and the horses. The electricity prevents animals from gnawing and chafing on the wooden fence. We can also install direct electrical protection at the gate. We place the electrical circuit with ring insulators or w -insulators.

Only in Belgium De Sutter Naturally place about 200 000 running meters of fencing per year.

They apply a unique installation method with their own developed post vibration machine. This technique guarantees strength and stability. Our professional experienced installers work with laser equipment and electronic sensors.

Gate posts are anchored in a concrete foundation. You can also call on our installation service to install electrical wire.

For placements in Europe, we selected a number of partners who work according to the same quality philosophy. These Premium Partners are responsible for our placements in the other countries.